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Quotations on Everyday Spirituality Reminders that even our commonplace daily activities can be spiritual practices.
Quotations on Touch A collection of thoughts about an often underappreciated sense.
Quotations on Wisdom A multifaith exploration of the many dimensions of becoming wise.
Quotations on Diversity Words of wisdom about our crucial need to deal with matters of identity and difference.
The Spiritual Path of Grief A collection of wisdom from the spiritual traditions of the world that through the centuries have helped people navigate the painful path of grief.
Quotations on Conversation Views on the importance of face-to-face conversations for individuals, groups, and societies.
Quotations on Humility Philosophers, theologians, saints, and spiritual teachers on the complexity and simplicity of this virtue.
Quotations on Service A collection revealing how service can be a curriculum for a spiritual journey.
The Blessing Path A month of quotes about the blessing path, the spiritual practice of blessings, and blessing prayers.
Emotional Intelligence A month of quotes and excerpts about getting in touch with your emotions.