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Geri Larkin A profile with bibliographic and distinctive contributions to spirituality of Geri Larkin, writer, Dharma teacher, and founding teacher and P'arang at Still Point Buddhist Temple.
Fighting Dragons A teaching story on feeding what you want to prevail.
Friendliness and Giggles A teaching story about the Dalai Lama's joy.
The Chocolate Cake Sutra Geri Larkin on gratitude meaning giving up whining.
The Still Point Dhammapada Geri Larkin on the spiritual practice of being present in inner city Detroit.
Love Dharma Geri Larkin on letting go as a way of dealing with loneliness.
Plant Seed, Pull Weed Geri Larkin on learning to lose, and allowing grace.
Plant Seed, Pull Weed Wise and entertaining Buddhist advice on spiritual qualities and practices to nurture the garden of your life.
The Chocolate Cake Sutra A challenge to each of us to become adventurers and take on whatever feeds us in the deepest possible way.
First You Shave Your Head A lively and enlightening account of a 30-day pilgrimage by a Midwestern dharma teacher to the temples of South Korea.