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Artemis Jungian analyst Jean Shinoda Bolen on how the Goddess Artemis lives in souls of courageous women.
Artemis A fascinating and inspiring portrait of the Greek Goddess as the archetype of the activist.
Like a Tree Jean Shinoda Bolen on trees as being among the oldest living beings on earth.
Crones Don't Whine On zeal, or passion for life, after menopause.
Like a Tree An extraordinary defense and tribute to the significance of trees.
Urgent Message from Mother A clarion call for a woman's peace movement to combat violence in all sectors of our lives.
Into the Circle Discusses women's circles as containers for growth and transformation.
Ring of Power Salutes feminine wisdom.
Urgent Message from Mother Jean Shinoda Bolen on involving women in the prevention of violence and restoration of peace.
Ring of Power A description of what happens as hidden, unwelcome feelings begin to surface.