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Respecting Your Soul's Needs Suggestions for honoring and acting from the Divine within.
Embrace Dissatisfaction with Compassion Give yourself permission to be present to the ache you feel.
Countering the Ego Through Gratitude and Forgiveness A suggestion for habitually praising God and seeking forgiveness.
A Blessing for an Aggravating Moment Letting go of anger by replacing it with a blessing.
Holding Dissastisfaction Counsel on being present with dissatisfaction as a means of growing your connection to God.
From Anger to Peace Suggestions for how to honor your feelings through sacred writing.
Sacred Mission Counsel on finding our sacred purpose and manifesting it through small acts.
Transforming Your Feelings Toward a Difficult Other Guidance for honoring and healing your feelings in difficult interactions and relationships.
Keep a Sense of Humor A call to sacred laughter and a reminder that you are the beloved of the Beloved.
Chronic Difficult Encounters A call to use a Hebrew word from the Torah in response to a difficult interaction.