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Holding Dissastisfaction Counsel on being present with dissatisfaction as a means of growing your connection to God.
Dealing with Distress or Difficulty A call to grace through practicing gratitude in times of difficulty.
Countering the Ego Through Gratitude and Forgiveness A suggestion for habitually praising God and seeking forgiveness.
Sacred Mission Counsel on finding our sacred purpose and manifesting it through small acts.
Sacred Writing A practice for honoring your feelings and your responses to them.
Respecting Your Soul's Needs Suggestions for honoring and acting from the Divine within.
Transforming Your Feelings Toward a Difficult Other Guidance for honoring and healing your feelings in difficult interactions and relationships.
Chronic Difficult Encounters A call to use a Hebrew word from the Torah in response to a difficult interaction.
A Blessing for an Aggravating Moment Letting go of anger by replacing it with a blessing.
Out of Darkness Into Light Jamal Rahman's instructions in four Sufi heart practices – Sacred Naming, Sacred Light, and Gazing Upon the Heart, and Adoring the Heart.