Whenever your relations with another person arouse feelings of awkwardness or discomfort, try to recognize the feelings right away and honor them in your heart. Perhaps just lower your eyelids for a second, take a conscious breath to center yourself, and do your best to remember that God is right there in the middle of the situation. Then, at the earliest opportunity, take time to revisit your unhappy feelings and really be present with them. They are just energy that is begging to be acknowledged, healed, and integrated. Surrender your feelings to the Beloved in your heart and invoke God's help and mercy. Breathe calmly through your heart and remember the hadith qudsi that Allah resides in the space of every human heart.

[The hadith referred to here is the revelation that came to the Prophet in a dream in which God says:
I cannot be contained in the space of the earth
I cannot be contained in the space of the heavens
But I can be contained in the space of the pure loving heart of my devotee.
-Al Ghazali in Ihyaa Ulum, vol. 2]

If you practice this regularly, the spirit of God in your heart will heal your feelings and empower you to handle difficult relationships with grace and compassion for yourself and the other person.

Jamal Rahman in Out of Darkness Into Light: Spiritual Guidance in the Quran with Reflections from Christian and Jewish Sources by Jamal Rahman, Kathleen Schmitt Elias, Ann Holmes Redding