Beverly Lanzetta is a theologian and spiritual teacher. She has written seven books on spirituality, including Nine Jewels of the Night: One Soul's Journey into God and Emerging Heart: Global Spirituality and the Sacred. This book was written in 1976 when the author experienced mystical revelations of divine suffering and love; it was released as a book in 1985. Lanzetta describes the inner work of mystical intimacy. In 1990, she was asked to prepare a chapter-by-chapter commentary on her work. This expanded edition includes both the original text and the commentary.

Lanzetta sees spirituality as the shared language of the world and as our gateway to universal experience. A yearning for union with the Divine, grounded in the heart's embrace, animates our path. As we move through our lives, we meet obstacles and are overwhelmed by trials and tribulations. Lanzetta is convinced that it takes courage and perseverance to square off against the ego, illusions, and the unknown.

One of the many marvels on this spiritual path is that we are given the choice to choose love over fear and compassion over anger. Through these transformations, we savor the bounties of wisdom. Lanzetta celebrates our destiny as "a multi-dimensioned spirit-body, birthed from the divine heart, living on Earth." The final gifts of divinity are rapture and joy, two treasures that make the journey most glorious!