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This is the biggest story This is the biggest story
Bill Moyers in A World of Ideas When I learn something new
The Language of Life A poem by Stanley Kunitz on the spiritual practice of you.
Bill Moyers: The Language of Life A remarkable eight-part series with poetry readings and interviews by host Bill Moyers.
Bill Moyers: Amazing Grace A documentary with performances of the popular hymn and comments by Bill Moyers and many others about the reasons for its continuing impact.
Bill Moyers: The Wisdom of Faith with Huston Smith A lively series about wisdom traditions and religion's path into the future.
Bill Moyers Journal A top-drawer collection of 47 interviews with independent thinkers on a wide variety of subjects.
Fooling with Words Fans of poetry will find much food for the soul in these eleven illuminating interviews.
The Language of Life A stirring tribute to poetry with 29 interviews of poets and selections from their works.
Healing and the Mind with Billy Moyers Examines developments in mind/body research which are revolutionizing the way illness is treated and understood.
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