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Catching the Big Fish Filmmaker David Lynch on finding peace in the unity of people searching for enlightenment.
Catching the Big Fish The famous filmmaker on meditation, mystery, creativity, and diving deep.
Inland Empire An invitation to give up all the stories you tell yourself about logic, time, and understandable characters and enter the Lynchian world of mysteries where the refreshing password is "don't know."
Mulholland Drive A phantasmagorical David Lynch extravaganza set in Hollywood about role-playing, desire, power, and mystery.
The Straight Story An inspiring movie about a man's deep spiritual yearning to reconcile with his brother.
Lost Highway Continues David Lynch's efforts to make us connoisseurs of mystery rather than robots of reason.
Wild at Heart A strange and compelling road movie as imagined by writer and director David Lynch.
Blue Velvet Depicts the moral rot underlying the American Dream through arresting cinematic images that are at once realistic and surreal.
The Elephant Man Based on a true account of the disfigured nineteenth-century Englishman, reveals the potential of the human spirit to transcend genetic impairments.