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The Boy and the Heron A boy’s spiritual journey through grief to commitment, conveyed through wonder-inducing animation.
The Wind Rises The life, work, and love story of an aviation engineer in Japan prior to World War II directed by Hayao Miyazaki.
My Neighbor Totoro A celebration of feminine sensitivity, the importance of the spirit world, respect for nature, and the pre-eminence of the spiritual practice of kindness.
Kiki's Delivery Service A wonderful and enchanting animated film about a 13-year-old girl's initiation into adulthood through her adventures in a strange city.
Castle in the Sky A Star Wars-like animated feature about a legendary city behind the clouds and the many secrets it holds about nature, robots, light, and magic.
Ponyo A charming fairy tale about a goldfish who becomes a girl and a little boy who loves her and introduces her with pride to his world of wonders.
Howl's Moving Castle A rousing treatment of caretaking, aging, anti-war sentiments, and the bounties of the heart.
Spirited Away A Japanese animated feature that is nothing short of wonderful with its ten-year-old female protagonist and its steadfast refusal to set up a dualistic battle between good and evil.
Princess Mononoke a stunning Japapanese animated feature where forest gods battle with humans infringing upon their sacred domain.