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3 Faces An enigmatic and enlightening drama about the resiliency of the feminine spirit.
Director's Statement on Offside A statement from Iranian director Jafar Panahi on the origins of the project, laws about women in sports arenas in Iran, and the style of the film.
Jafar Panahi's Taxi A cogent and playful documentary about the banned filmmaker's return to the streets of Teheran.
This Is Not a Film A clandestine last gasp of freedom from one of Iran's most creative and controversial film directors while under house arrest.
Offside A funny, poignant, and jubilant Iranian film about some passionate female soccer fans that ends with a mystical moment of oneness.
Crimson Gold A bold and courageous Iranian film by director Jafar Panahi about one sad human drama that is illustrative of the growing chasm between the rich and the poor in Teheran.
The Circle A riveting Iranian drama set in modern day Teheran, showing how a group of women, severely constrained by the patriarchy, religion, and custom, nevertheless nurture their souls with the tonic of freed…
The Mirror Explores the disarming ways in which children express their own distinct personalities without modesty or grandiosity.
The White Balloon A wonderful Iranian film with colorful characters and wry observations on the interactions of children and adults.