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John R. Mabry A profile with bibliography and distinctive contributions to spirituality of John R. Mabry, a teacher, interfaith spiritual director and pastor.
Growing into God John R. Mabry on how Believers can share Jesus' divine life and become enGodded, as the German mystics put it.
Noticing the Divine John R. Mabry on the importance of telling stories.
Spiritual Guidance Across Religions A valuable overview of the need for and practice of interfaith spiritual direction.
Spiritual Guidance Across Religions Suggestions from John R. Mabry on how spiritual guides might counsel spiritual eclectics.
Faithful Generations A map of the generations within congregations who have different hopes, needs, and spiritual emphases.
The Way of Thomas John Mabry's suggested practice of saying "you are that" to everything you see today.
The Way of Thomas A salutary overview of the teachings in the Gospel of Thomas emphasizing its relevance to today's scene.
Growing into God A dramatic and engaging map of the path of Christian mysticism with profiles of some its most illustrious movers and shapers.
Noticing the Divine Challenging overview of the art of spiritual guidance in this age of deep ecumenism.