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Profiles in Christian Courage Profiles of 18 courageous Christians.
Giving Up god . . . to Find God Reveals religious paths that lead to idolatry .
Jacob's Hip Kerry Walter on how a crisis gives us an opportunity to see it for what it is and free ourselves from its power.
The Art of Dying and Living Kerry Walters on practicing patience as a way to live a fulfilling life.
The Art of Dying and Living A contemporary art of dying manual focusing on seven saints who tutor us on living a fulfilling life.
Merciful Meekness Kerry Walters on the interwoven concepts of mercy and meekness.
Growing God Kerry Walters on joy attracting more joy.
Jacob's Hip (2) Jacob's Hip: Finding God in an Anxious Age by Kerry Walters is a soul-stirring resource charting some of the transformations that can occur during these tense times.
Rufus Jones A top-drawer collection of selections from the works of a visionary Quaker mystic, social activist, and promoter of peace.
Profiles in Christian Courage Kerry Walters on how intricately courage and Christian faith are connected.