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Rewilding Our Hearts Marc Bekoff on how our lives impact nature and why minimizing harm and fostering coexistence are our best choices now.
Rewilding Our Hearts A plea for ecological action in the face of great danger.
Animals Matter Marc Bekoff on treating animals with compassion based on their expressions of joy and play.
The Ten Trusts Jane Goodall and Marc Bekoff on the healing power of our relationships with animals.
The Animal Manifesto Marc Bekoff's plea to make kindness and compassion the basis for our interactions with animals.
The Animal Manifesto A passionate and convincing description of the plight of animals and why we need to treat them with more compassion.
Animals Matter A convincing exploration of why we should care for and share with animals.
The Ten Trusts Wise counsel on the creation of a interspecies community based on mutual caring and compassion.