The prolific Catholic writer Margaret Silf, who leads Ignatian spirituality retreats all over the world, sees evidence of the Divine presence in everyday life. "God is both the dream we follow and the inspiration for our quest. God is in every choice we make, always urging us, prompting us, and coaxing us to choose life."

Silf has organized nine chapters of essays around the points of a compass. She explains that they reflect her respect for the themes of the Ignatian Spiritual Exercises. Her intention is to "show how reflective prayer on our daily experience might look in practice."

She invites us to look for the Holy One around the next turn in the road, "just waiting to surprise you." By opening ourselves to wonder, we can rejoice in the continuous adventure of discerning the wisdom that is coming our way.

Silf not only acknowledges the holiness which is carried by the light but also contends that we can embrace the darkness as a carrier of truth and goodness. Breaking down and breaking through are equal pathways of the Spirit. Best of all are the love letters that are delivered by those closest to us as vehicles of grace.

The author uses a vignette from the movie Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade when Indy comes to the edge of a chasm. He will not find out whether or not there is a bridge there until he steps out and risks his life. Silf writes: "For me the chasm is the rest of the story . . . my own story and the story of humanity on planet earth. Is there a future? Does the universe mean well toward us? Dare we risk that step of trust into the unknown, unseen, uncharted terrain of all that might be?"

Silf covers some of the most vivid dimensions of the spiritual life — to keep moving, to abide in the mysteries, and to give thanks for all the surprises.