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Anniversary of 9/11 Curated content for reflecting on the events of 9/11.
Surprise Books, articles, art, blogs, films, memes, music, and more about opening our hearts to the unexpected turns in our lives.
Racism Illustrations of ways we can gain a deeper understanding of racism in our world and develop empathy and compassion for its victims – through books, book excerpts, quotes, blog posts, personal explor…
Respect Articles, books, prayers, spiritual practices, and other resources on the multi-faceted spiritual practice of respect.
Progressive Christian Spirituality A roundup of our content on the emerging trend of progressive Christianity.
Intentional Communities A round-up of our best content on intentional communities.
Climate Change A curated collection of resources from and elsewhere about global warming and climate change.
Whales Curated content on whales — books, children's books, DVDs, quotes, excerpts, prayers, and organizations defending them — to give you a good sampling of all the many ways to appreciate these marvel…
Monasticism Books and movies about the life of monks, nuns, and lay people living a contemplative life in a monastic setting.
Synchronicity A story, quotes, books, readings, and films about those happenings that signal the hidden meanings in the universe.