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Darkest Hour A sturdy biopicture about Winston Churchill's triumphs and struggles as England's Prime Minister in 1940.
Hockney A well-done mapping of the life and work of David Hockney who has been called England's "National Treasure."
The Moral Measure of the Economy Chuck Collins and Mary Wright on the differences between market values and Gospel values.
Caryll Houselander Caryll Houselander on praying and receiving God all the time and in every way.
The Essential Spirituality Handbook A history and affirmation of spirituality in the Catholic tradition.
Seasons of a Family's Life Wendy M. Wright on practicing discernment in a relationship with her daughter.
Anna Karenina A fresh version of the classic romantic drama, set on a theater stage, that explores the choices people make for passion.
Earth Day, Birthday! Story about how a disagreement among animals in the jungle opens the door to a both/and view of the world and reality.
Mary and the Catholic Imagination Wendy Wright on how Mary in her littleness and humility stands by the poor and the marginalized.
Mary and the Catholic Imagination Ideas about and experiences of Mary among contemporary Catholics.