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63 Up The latest in a series of documentaries that enrich our sense of what it means to be human.
56 Up The superb latest addition to the documentary series by Michael Apted, following the lives of 14 people in England.
Amazing Grace An inspiring drama directed by Michael Apted about a zealous abolitionist in eighteenth century England who models for us a moral heroism.
49 Up A fascinating new installment of a documentary series about English middle-agers and their achievements and disappointments in life.
Enigma An espionage thriller in which director Michael Apted makes the most of a script by Tom Stoppard.
Me and Isaac Newton A documentary about curiosity, creativity, and ethics in the lives and work of seven contemporary scientists.
42 Up A thematically rich documentary focusing on the lives of a group of English middle-agers and the challenges they face on their journeys.
Extreme Measures Opens our eyes to some serious moral issues involving advances in medical science.
Nell A poignant message that we can all be angels bringing grace and trust and light into each other's lives.
Incident at Oglala Another egregious example of the terrible treatement Native Americans have received from the U.S. government.