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The Mother Teresa Wisdom Deck Mother Teresa on joy.
In the Heart of the World A handy compendium of devotional material and wisdom from Mother Teresa.
The Mother Teresa Wisdom Deck Memorable quotations on kindness, silence, joy, love, and more.
In the Heart of the World Mother Teresa on how we draw closer to God when we practice true inner silence by listening, seeing, and sensing Him in everything.
Mother Teresa Stories and quotations about this Catholic nun's spirit and compasion.
A Call to Mercy Never before published teachings and tributes to Mother Teresa.
Praying with Mother Teresa Mother Teresa's poem about God's love and mercy for us.
Praying with Mother Teresa A wonderful collection of Mother Teresa's favorite prayers.
Mother Teresa A collecton of the inspiring words of this servant of God.
Mother Teresa A fine collection of quotes, stories, and prayers from this Nobel Peace Prize winner.