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Feast of Love A positively enchanting romantic drama that speaks volumes about love and challenges us all to grow a bigger heart.
The Human Stain Tallies up the pain, the suffering, and the loss that come into our lives when we refuse to acknowledge the shadow part of ourselves.
Twilight In the diminishment of his life, an elder nurtures magnanimity and wears it well.
Nobody's Fool It is never too late to stir the ashes and to light up your life with the glow that comes from the love of family and friends.
Places in the Heart An emotionally affecting film about struggling through adversity and living with hope in a small Texas town during the 1930s.
Still of the Night A sophisticated murder mystery drama.
Kramer vs. Kramer A hard-hitting drama on a child custody suit and the challenges a father faces in raising his six-year-old son.
The Late Show A modest detective flick that modestly delivers more than one expects.