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Smoke A teaching scene from the Wayne Wang movie Smoke
Last Holiday An appealing morality play in which Queen Latifah demonstrates a warm embrace of life with just the right mixture of humor and humanity.
Because of Winn-Dixie A magical story about a lonely girl whose life is transformed by a stray dog with a spiritual gift for bringing her together with just the right people.
Anywhere But Here A heartfelt drama about a mother and daughter having trouble connecting.
Smoke Reveals the invisible bonds that tie people together and provide glints of meaning in a world of suffering, violence, loneliness, and separations.
A Thousand Years of Good Prayers The chilly reunion of a Chinese father and his American daughter who dance around a divisive family secret.
The Center of the World A fascinating film about sexual politics and the games people play with fantasy, power, and the illusion of easy intimacy.
The Joy Luck Club Affirms our respect for the arduous spiritual journeys of mothers and daughters.
Eat a Bowl of Tea Explores the pressures put on two newlyweds in Chinatown to meet the expectations of their community.