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Forgiveness Sampler A sampler of some affirmations that can be used in support of forgiveness.
Living By Your Affirmations & Imagination Bruce G. Epperly on concretizing faith.
Finding Comfort in Our Commonality Advice for crafting and using affirmations when you are struggling.
Divine Comfort An affirmation for divine comfort, safety, and security.
Hive Story of a Kosovan woman who changes her patriarchal community through care, creativity, and the empowerment of other women.
God Loves Me An affirmation that is both the foundation and the path of the spiritual journey.
Love and Happiness Affirmations to nurture self-esteem.
I am An Instrument An affirmation to embody peace and love.
Trusting God Affirmations for trusting in God and surrendering to God's will.
Affirming Hope, Serenity and Courage A prayer for living with faith, joy, and purpose.