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Dwelling in Goodness Affirmation: I Can Dwell in a State of Goodness.
Compassion Affirmations A list of affirmations to help you live with compassion.
Your Compassionate Yoga Heart Affirmations to incorporate in your yoga practice.
Giving Suggestions for finding the hidden gifts of giving in your own life.
Faith An affirmation and visualization exercise for resting and trusting in the light of your heart.
Forgiveness Sampler A sampler of some affirmations that can be used in support of forgiveness.
Living By Your Affirmations & Imagination Bruce G. Epperly on concretizing faith.
Finding Comfort in Our Commonality Advice for crafting and using affirmations when you are struggling.
Divine Comfort An affirmation for divine comfort, safety, and security.
Hive Story of a Kosovan woman who changes her patriarchal community through care, creativity, and the empowerment of other women.