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Pride Month Resources for celebrating LGBTQ+ rights.
Transgender Awareness Week and Day of Remembrance Honoring the transgender community while recognizing the high rates of violence they face.
Birthday of Allen Ginsberg (PDP) A response to the counter-cultural voice and activism of the seminal poet of the Beat Generation.
Marches and Demonstrations Inspiration for faith communities to demonstrate on behalf of the groups and causes they support.
Birthday of James Baldwin (PDP) Saluting the artistic genius and prophetic insights of the black social critic.
A Prayer for When I Feel Rejected A prayer for LGBT people and any others who feel excluded, rejected, marginalized, shamed, or persecuted, in any way or in any place, religious or otherwise.
A Prayer of Queer Thanksgiving A prayerful reminder that we are being the glitter we wish to see in the world, just by being.
Play Like a Girl Spiritual practices for connections, joy, and justice celebrating soccer during the FIFA Women’s World Cup.