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Tibetan Buddhist Goddess Altars A gift box containing a pop-up altar with traditional thangka paintings of four important goddesses.
Tibetan Buddhist Altars A beautifully designed devotional resource.
Altars An eminently practical resource.
The Woman Awake Regina Sara Ryan on her devotional life on the road.
Altars in the Street Conveys the ethical base of service and the rigors of compassion in an embattled environment.
A Course in Weight Loss Marianne Williamson on building an altar to the Divine, rather than the one to fear in your kitchen.
Altars Made Easy The definitive handbook on what is involved in setting up an altar in your home, garden, or office.
Altars Made Easy Peg Streep on creating sacred space by building your own altars.
Being Black Ways to explore yourself and find the things that nourish you.
A Course in Weight Loss A spiritual curriculum for retraining your consciousness about weight.