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Sacred Object A recommendation to keep reminders of our spiritual lessons around us.
Your Refuge Guidance for creating a place of refuge in your home, and for using it daily.
W. A. Mathieu in The Musical Life Music makes an altar
Creating a Portable Chapel How to establish mood of sacred remembrance while you're on the road.
Bowing to a Companion A monastic practice acknowleding the God in others.
A Personal Altar Creating an altar to help you focus on the sacred.
Remembering the Flow of Mary's Unbroken Miracle Ways to demonstrate love and devotion for Mary.
Altars and the Connection to Spirit Using a home shrine to increase spiritual awareness.
Summertime and Living Takes Practice Days 8 -14: Spiritual practices from the world's wisdom traditions as well as in books we've read.
Create a Home Altar Transforming the ordinary into a special place of worship.