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The Echo Within Robert Benson on how we cannot find someone to do what we do.
The Four Purposes of Life Spiritual guidance provided through the four main purposes of life.
Holy Adventure A 41-day course challenging Christians to see themselves as co-creators with God and audacious menders of a broken world.
A Sacred Voice Is Calling A robust assessment of the spiritual dimensions of calling and vocation in times of great injustice and inequality.
The Echo Within A lyrical and pensive examination of the Word of God, callings, vocation, and finding purpose and meaning in one's life.
Love Affair Reflections on the strange twists that life takes.
Rejoice and Be Glad Lively and edifying thought of Pope Francis on holiness, saints, the Beatitudes, and being joyful.
Answering the Contemplative Call A helpful guide to the preparing for and embarking on the journey of Christian mysticism.
The Healing Wisdom of Africa An edifying volume on how the indigenous world speaks to the anonymity and ritual starvation of Westerners.