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My love is in my prayer My love is in my prayer
Creating Peace through Gratefulness If we become more peaceful, we radiate peace effortlessly.
When a teacher shares his or her knowledge When a teacher shares his or her knowledge
Creating Peace through Gratefulness A Practice for the Anniversary of 9/11
Seven-day Candle Sending light to the soul of a departed friend.
Remembering Our Dead Rituals for consciously remembering loved ones who have died on All Saints Day, All Souls Day, and their birthdays.
Gratitude Ritual The first full ritual of our ritual salon focused on gratitude. It was November, the month of Thanksgiving in the United States, so that was an obvious connection. Gratitude seemed like a good begin…
Light a Candle For Clarity Visualizing your partner's higher self before you.
Lighting a Candle as a Prayer Noticing the steadiness and strength a lit candle provides.
A New Light Dispelling the darkness when depression sets in.