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The Cost of Paying Attention "Attention is a resource; a person has only so much of it," writes Matthew B. Crawford at He wonders if it would help to envision an "attentional commons" where this precious resource w…
Walking the Way Robert Meikyo Rosenbaum on dwelling with earth and thinking with depth.
Big Data An assessment of the datification of society with its quantitative emphasis on all that we do.
They would all have a hard time They would all have a hard time
King Kong Great adventure story with a sensational performance by Naomi Watts as the beauty who makes even a truly fierce beast beautiful just by loving him.
What peace feeds What peace feeds
To forgive humanity is to take on adult life To forgive humanity is to take on adult life
This Changes Everything Heard about the Internet's creepy next wave? If you haven't, Sue Halpern's coverage of four recent books on the subject gives you a front-row seat on the spectacle that is slowly and quietly unfoldi…
Another Politics A reconfiguration of radical politics and transformative social movements.
The Age of Acquiescence An analysis of the differences between the first Gilded Age after the Civil and the second at the time of Occupy Wall Street.