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Lara's First Christmas A charming tale about faith and the opening of one's heart.
In God's Name A reverent children's book that conveys the many faces of the one God.
Walking with Henry A story which sets before our eyes the marvels and enchantments of the natural world.
Where Does God Live? A celebration of seeing with the heart that God is present in all creation and in every person.
God Said Amen Children's book that shows that sharing is the key to creating a better world and winning God's amen.
Manneken Pis A quaint and entertaining tale of peacemaking based on a true story.
How Did the Animals Help God? A delightful board book for children in which the animals help God decide what humans should be like.
John Muir A vivid revelation of this environmentalist's love of the wildness in wilderness.
This Place I Know Put together after 9/11, this book offers inspiring poems about the ties that bind all people together.
Does God Hear My Prayer? A spiritual jaunt on prayer as an amphibian adventure of talking to God and listening for the Divine.