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Don't Listen Counsel on being grateful for what you have.
Learning to Be Content How to practice contentment: Want what you have. Don't make comparisons. Accept your imperfections.
Prayer of the Streetlight A prayer using our imagination to empathize with a streetlight.
A Boardinghouse of Characters A comparison of our psyche to the range of characters in a boardinghouse.
Recast Judgment Try the phrase "...just like me."
Ending Envy Cultural contributions to our tendency to envy what others have and two ways to end it: stop comparing and practice gratitude.
Waiting with Attention A fascinating view into the mind's tricks: desire, envy, dislike, anger, and more.
Inner Riches as an Antidote to Envy Rededicating your skills to benefit all.
Stay in the Background for a Day Challenge yourself with the practice of putting others first.
Both Sides Advice on accepting the play of opposites in our lives.