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World Without End An account of a conversation with Father Thomas Keating on God's evolutionary plan.
The A.W.E. Project An awe-based vision of educational renewal.
Questions of Heaven Keen insights into the devotional practice of pilgrimage.
Reclaiming Spirituality A definition of spirituality as one of life's great gifts to us.
A Call for Revolution His Holiness the Dalai Lama on needed realizations and commitments.
The Resurgence of the Real Charlene Spretnak on the impact of technology on our thinking and sensitivity.
Religion in Exile A homecoming to our nature as a spiritualized species living in a spiritualized universe.
The Essential Mystics, Poets, Saints, and Sages A first-rate collection of multifaith prose and poetry by sages and seers on the mystical path.
The Sacred Impulse The lineaments of a spirituality that is evolutionary, holistic, and mystical.