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A Potter's Companion A salute to the beauty and the bounty of pots -- or any other works -- made by hand.
Knitting Nell A little girl who knits to serve others and is a sterling role model for us all.
Fabric of Faith A salutary overview of the spiritual benefits of a prayer quilt ministry.
Bamboo Baskets A celebration of the natural world's beauty captured in exquisite crafts.
Contemplative Crochet A top-drawer resource on crochet, spirituality, and creativity.
Grandma Rose's Magic A heart-warming children's story about a community showing its admiration for an elderly woman's talent for sewing.
Beading – The Creative Spirit An enthusiastic validation of beading as a spiritual art.
Living the Japanese Arts & Ways An impressive overview of the principles behind bonsai, tea ceremony, calligraphy, and much more.
Crafting Calm 40 creative projects and practices for calm, comfort, contemplation, creation, and community.