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Crossing the Desert Robert J. Wicks on how deep gratitude opens us to a new perspective on life.
How to Be an Adult in Relationships David Richo on the real meaning of feelings of entitlement and its relationship to love.
Gratitude Works Robert A. Emmons on humility as the antidote to entitlement.
Living into Community Christine Pohl on the strange problem of entitlement.
Candles in the Dark Todd Outcalt with a parable about a mouse family who discover that true happiness can be found in their own backyard.
Bumblebee Bike The journey of a young thief who sees the errors of his ways and decides to change.
The Way of Forgiveness Joyce Rupp on sour memories catalyzing the practice of forgiveness.
Gratitude Works An overview of the worth of practicing gratitude and the latest scientific research on this social emotion.
The New Intimacy An exploration of how couples can make the most of their differences and use them to deepen their relationship.
The Myth of the Spoiled Child An assessment of the criticism of today's parents as being too permissive with their spoiled and entitled kids.