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The Life We Are Given An outline of the transformational nature of the spiritual program Integral Transformation Practice.
Awaken the Inner Shaman Jose Luis Stevens on using new technologies to access your Inner Shaman and achieve wonderful results in your life.
Roots and Wings Spiritual essays by a Christian about science, story, choices, love, mystery, and the human adventure.
Everyone is African The latest scientific data that proves we are all Africans.
Wonder A celebration of the spiritual firepower of the emotion of wonder.
Philosophy Bites Again A philosopher's take on evolution and imagination.
Spiritual Ecology John Stanley and David Loy on how the global ecological crisis is challenging us as a species.
Teilhard's Mysticism A lively, enlightening, and assessable overview of Teilhard 's melding of spirituality, science, and mysticism.
The New Science and Spirituality Reader Twenty-eight essays promoting the fusion of science and spirituality to create planetary consciousness.
The Coming Interspiritual Age A map of the age of interspirituality presented with a rare blend of high-powered energy, enthusiasm, and zeal.