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Hot Shots! On-target satirical shots at familiar films.
A Roundup of The Most Spiritually Literate Films of 2011 Our thoughts and reflections on the best films of the 2011, reviewed from a spiritual perspective.
Lights, Camera . . . Faith! Links popular films to the weekly Gospel readings from Matthew, making it a great resource for Christian parishes in this DVD age.
Cinema Nirvana Mines the multiple meanings to be found in fifteen popular movies.
The Purple Rose of Cairo A thoroughly enchanting work of art by one of our finest moviemakers
Lights, Camera . . . Faith! Relates films to the Gospel readings from Mark, making it a valuable resource for preachers and small groups in Christian parishes.
Millennium Actress An enchanting Japanese animated film about a woman whose life is propelled by the yearning of her heart for a mysterious stranger.
A Man in Love Conveys the otherworldliness of a torrid love affair and its impact on work, family, and friends.
Gable and Lombard Unabashedly glossy entertainment about the inner conflict and beneficial changes that came over both Clark Gable and Carole Lombard as a result of their romance.
Shadow Magic A delightful tribute to the marvels and the magic of cinema, set in Peking when silent movies first arrived.