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Befriending Films S&P's "film recommenders" on how to make going to the movies a spiritual experience.
Millennium Actress An enchanting Japanese animated film about a woman whose life is propelled by the yearning of her heart for a mysterious stranger.
Playing with God Movie comedies — Bruce Almighty; Oh, God!; Oh, God! Book II; Dear God; Dogma — explore how mere humans respond when God comes calling.
Values & Visions Circles - Tips for Using Movies for Soulmaking How to turn the intensely focused experience of film-going or DVD-viewing into a spiritual journey for your soul.
Lights, Camera . . . Faith! Relates films to the Gospel readings from Mark, making it a valuable resource for preachers and small groups in Christian parishes.
Lights, Camera . . . Faith! Links popular films to the weekly Gospel readings from Matthew, making it a great resource for Christian parishes in this DVD age.
Hot Shots! On-target satirical shots at familiar films.
Gable and Lombard Unabashedly glossy entertainment about the inner conflict and beneficial changes that came over both Clark Gable and Carole Lombard as a result of their romance.
Cinema Nirvana Mines the multiple meanings to be found in fifteen popular movies.
Praying the Movies Thirty-one scenes of grace from recent movies.