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The Inner Journey Irma Zaleski's exploration of Christianity as a religion of love (in book edited by Lorraine Kisly)
The Dhammapada Reveals the path of truth in translations that are graceful, lyrical, and lucid.
The Illumined Heart Explores the spiritual practices of the early church.
Pilgrim Heart Demonstrates the value of an open and receptive heart -- especially in the face of the unfamiliar and the unexpected.
The Circle of Love An accessible overview of the Sufi practices of remembrance, yearning, listening, and devotion.
The Tao of Philosophy Celebrates the virtues of being human hearted.
Forty Stories to Stir the Soul Joan Chittister with a story on the meaning of hospitality as having an open heart.
Best-Loved Chinese Proverbs A collection of Chinese proverbs about the heart.
Heart Speaks to Heart A full-bodied overview of this heartful spiritual path and its many practices.
The Card and Rumi Book Pack Divination cards with thoughts by the Sufi teacher to open the heart.