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15 Days of Prayer with Henri Nouwen Robert Waldron on Henri Nouwen and how icons provide spiritual grounding and provide believers with signs of God's enduring love.
Christ All Merciful A Zen teaching story from Japan on the spiritual practice of you.
Praying with Icons Jim Forest on using icons in prayer to enhance the physical experience.
The Desert Pilgrim Mary Sawnder's conversation with a Russian Orthodox monk about the joy of painting icons and of creativity.
The Monks of Mount Athos A fascinating account of the author's four-month visit in 1978.
Mary, Mother of All Nations Interpretations of 31 icons of Mary from the Bible, from church history, and from specific places on earth,
A Brush with God Peter Pearson on iconography in devotion.
Real Presence Sister Wendy Beckett on icons as appealing to Spirit, not to imagination.
Mother of God Similar to Fire The icons of William Hart McNichols and the lyrical meditations of Mirabai Starr combine in a tribute to Mary.
15 Days of Prayer with Henri Nouwen Explores the major themes in Henri Nouwen's life and writings.