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God at 2000 Joan Chittister on a true image of God.
Why Faith Matters David Wolpe on seeing the image of God.
The Mountain of Silence Kyriacos C. Markides on God's justice meaning that we are one with God.
Jewish Wisdom Joseph Telushkin on taking a bath as an act of devotion.
The Sacred Impulse James Conlon's poem Chilean Creed on the spiritual practice of hope.
The 12 Keys to Spiritual Vitality Richard Johnson on seeing beauty that lies within us as we age.
Wearing God Lauren Winner on the value of picturing God in many different ways.
Creativity Matthew Fox on the fierce power of imagination.
A God That Could Be Real An atheist's spiritual journey to discover the practical dimensions of the Divine.
Soul Brothers Richard Rohr on how all of us are on a spiritual mission as sons and daughters of God.