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Toltec Wisdom Discusses the basic elements of ancient Toltec wisdom and its applications to us.
Dreamkeepers Revolves around the author's quest for access to dreamtime.
Messengers of the Gods Interviews with native seers who believe in the intertwining of the material and the metaphysical worlds.
Shaman, M.D. Another invaluable testament to the riches of indigenous wisdom and practice for those seeking transformation of the mind, body, and soul.
Indigenous Religions A scholarly collection of essays on spirit possession, witchcraft, rituals and cosmology.
Ritual A watershed work laced with insights about spirit and soul.
Being with Dying A superb 6-cassette audio retreat about the spiritual practices (mindfulness, deep listening, silence, compassion) useful in work with the dying.
Of Water and the Spirit A powerful spiritual autobiography of a walker between indigenous and modern worlds.
The Teachings of Don Carlos Summarizes the wisdom of the Yacqui shaman.
Endangered Peoples Probes the plight of indigenous peoples who are struggling to survive.