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Take a Winter Count A spiritual exercise to help you explore the moods and meanings of winter.
Discover the Indigenous Story of Your Neighborhood Encouragement to learn the indigenous story of your neighborhood and to honor and preserve Native American culture.
Remembering Crazy Horse (PDP) Honoring the Sioux warrior known to his people more for his charity than his skills on the battlefield.
The Crying Tree A teaching story about asking permission before taking only what you need.
Birthday of Starhawk (PDP) Honoring a visionary at the front lines of the global justice movement.
Inclination to Dislike Offering blessings for others' welfare.
Difficult Relations An immensely practical story on how to improve and resolve the difficult relationships in our lives.
Practicing Spirituality in Winter A month's worth of practices to explore the many moods and meanings of winter, including its pristine beauty and its many opportunities for playfulness.
Practices with Difficult People Practices for accepting difficult people in our lives with compassion.
Catherine Blyth in Emerging from a Difficult Conversation A chance to reflect on how your challenging talk worked out.