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The Ecstasy of Surrender An ambitious book, complete with tools, quizzes, and spiritual exercises, on the path of surrender as a route to a meaningful life.
The Ecstasy of Surrender Judith Orloff's checklist of intuitive clues including gut feelings, goose bumps, flashes of insight, and intuitive empathy.
Emotional Freedom A quiz to assess the level and characteristics of your anger.
Emotional Freedom Judith Orloff on patience as waiting peacefully and enjoying the pause, which has to do with hope.
Emotional Repair Kit A toolkit for anyone interested in journeying on the path to emotional freedom.
Emotional Freedom Practices A helpful and healing compilation of exercises and ideas on how to transform troublesome emotions.
Emotional Freedom A substantive and illuminating overview of the emotions and their role in the transformation of our lives.
Becoming an Intuitive Healer An audio workshop for health practitioners on becoming an intuitive healer.
Positive Energy Practices Ways to restore our personal energy and to deal with those who drain us.
Psychic Medicine The story of a psychiatrist who integrates her psychic abilities into her practice.