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The Book of Language Definitions of over 200 key Islamic spiritual, philosophical, and metaphysical terms by a Mevlevi shaikh who has spent 30 years translating the concepts of this religion.
Spiritual Power Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee on understanding and being able to read the true language of love.
What Wants to Come Through Me Now Reflections on translations of 14th-century Hindu-Muslim poet Kabir.
Hunter of Stories A call for silence, please, from Eduardo Galeano.
Anatomies Hugh Aldersey-Williams on how body parts play a creative role in descriptions of human beings.
Speaking Christian Marcus J. Borg on how Christianity addresses our yearning for personal transformation and our desire for a better world.
A Spiritual Life Elizabeth Liebert on being in awe of the Holy Mystery underlying all things.
The Painted Word A collection of strange and marvelous words and their meanings.
Ehyeh Arthur Green on the language of the Kabbalah.
Speaking Peace in a Climate of Conflict Dazzling essays on the amazing power, variety, and impact of words.