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Joyce Sequichie Hifler in When the Night Bird Sings [This is] what the Sioux Chief said
Look at the World from On High Finding perspective.
Remembering Crazy Horse (PDP) Honoring the Sioux warrior known to his people more for his charity than his skills on the battlefield.
National Parks Week A week for special appreciation of and activities in U.S. national parks.
Be Like the Mountain The practice of equanimity from Eastern religions and Christianity for times of turmoil.
Seeing Natural Wonders A teaching and practices for reveling in the wonder of our world.
Coming and Going A practice for feeling your place in the constant motion of life.
Experiencing the God of Nature A nature meditation to get in touch with awe of the elements.
Offering Prayer Ceremony A prayer for a structured shamanic ceremony in combination with offerings and gifts to the spirits and gods to ask for blessings, protection, health, and prosperity.