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The Astronaut Farmer An exuberant movie about a dreamer whose passion and zeal lights up his life and unifies his family behind him.
Cold Souls An engrossing surreal comedy that takes an inventive look at soul, dreams, emotions, and the emptiness of a life devoid of meaning.
Little Miss Sunshine A very funny and touching family drama about the wisdom that often comes not with success but with failure.
Becoming Astrid A rousing biopicture about the popular and unconventional children's book writer.
Survival Films Films that illustrate the resilience, courage, and skills needed during extreme challenges.
Adrift True story of a brave young woman who has her heart and hopes tested during a catastrophe at sea.
Fathers and Daughters A sensitive drama about cutting loose a cumbersome emotional ball and chain.
Hail, Caesar! A light-hearted dramedy about a good man working in Hollywood.
Once Were Warriors Speaks volumes about the self-destructriveness of peoples who have turned their rage inward.
The Wisdom Teachings of Paulo Coehlo and Kahlil Gibran Reasons for the popularity of these inspirational writers.