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The Breadwinner An animated feature about a young girl who defies the Taliban in Afghanistan through her courage and storytelling.
Afterimage An intense biopicture about a Polish avant-garde painter persecuted by the Communist government.
Ai Weiwei: The Fake Case An enlightening Danish documentary about one of the world's most famous and creative human rights activists.
Parched An explosive Indian drama about the toxins of gender inequality and the exhilarations of women's empowerment.
Finding Fela! A poignant documentary about the great Nigerian singer and songwriter whose music speak out for justice.
Cameraperson Vivid and memorable images from the career of documentary cinematography Kirsten Johnson.
Concerning Violence: Nine Scenes from the Anti-Imperialist Self-Defense A meditation on Frantz Fanon's plea to oppressed people to use violence against their colonial oppressors.
Indignation A triumph of elegant writing, exquisite acting, and a vibrant spiritual treatment of righteous indignation.
Burning Bush A sobering look at the battle between Soviet military overlords and a band of courageous freedom fighters.
It's Better to Jump A startling documentary about life in Acre, a coastal city filled with Palestinians unhappy under Israeli occupation.