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Megan McKenna A profile with bibliography and distinctive contributions to spirituality of Megan McKenna, a Catholic writer and international workshop and retreat leader.
James Martin A profile with bibliography and distinctive contribution to spirituality of James Martin, Jesuit priest, editor, and bestselling author.
A Flock of Fools A parable about human carelessness and folly.
Moshkel Gosha A description of the integrative power of an ancient parable about a bush-digger and his daughter.
Albert Schweitzer in Blessing the Animals Reverence for the natural life and the spiritual life
The Ladder Parables brimming over with insights into faith, grace, sanctification, and transformation.
The Sufi Book of Life A story about smuggling teachings to the soul while the conscious mind is occupied elsewhere.
Ant, Meet Moon By Julia Li for KidSpirit's Storytelling and Narrative Issue. Author's Note: In the original Chang’E legend, Chang’E and her husband Houyi are immortals living in heaven. When the Jade Emp…
Practicing Spirituality with Jesus - Lenten Edition Many diverse perspectives on the man from Nazareth, formatted for use during Lent.