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A Flock of Fools A parable about human carelessness and folly.
Parables Megan McKenna with a teaching story on peace.
Peaceful Neighbor A profile of Fred Rogers as a Christian prophet and peacemaker.
Moshkel Gosha A description of the integrative power of an ancient parable about a bush-digger and his daughter.
The Sufi Book of Life A story about smuggling teachings to the soul while the conscious mind is occupied elsewhere.
Enter the Story A fresh approach to well-known Gospel accounts that put us into the stories and make them come alive in fresh ways.
The Kingdom of God Is Like... Thomas Keating on the presence of God and being present.
The Ladder Parables brimming over with insights into faith, grace, sanctification, and transformation.
Desmond Gets Free A parable about how neutrality contributes to oppression.
Jesus Commentary on the hidden life and ministry of Jesus and his penchant for descent and humility.