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The Spiritual Practice of Patience The world's spiritual traditions tell us that patience is good to have in times of stress and difficulty. Here are things you can do every day to increase your supply.
Reframe Encouragement to reframe the situation when someone or something is testing your patience.
Creating Our World A call to meet everyone with kindness for a day.
Patience & Pleasure A tip for handling situations that require patience.
Wear Hope Like a Skin Ways to practice hope in our daily lives as an antidote to despair and inertia.
John Updike in Life magazine I will try not to panic
Christina Feldman in T'ai Chi as a Path of Wisdom Shouting at a bud
Practices for Discouragement Lewis Richmond's suggestions for countering discouragement.
Remembering the Power of Patience A suggestion for when you're tuning out.
Nonretaliation or Forgiveness A practice for developing patience, compassion, and the capacity to forgive through imagining violent scenarios that habitually make you angry.