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"One People" - Lyrics A song that affirms the yearning for peace and unity.
(title not found) A CD with Jewish devotional songs and ballads. This song by Debbie Friedman affirms the yearning for peace and unity.
A Prayer for the Change-Makers in America July 4 is Independence Day in the United States. Many Americans have mixed feelings about this day. As our friends at the Network of Spiritual Progressives wrote several years ago: "Faced with Ju…
Where Can Peace Be Found? J. Krishnamurti on finding peace in a world where there is no peace.
A Monk in the Inner City Mary Lou Kownacki on reasons why a flag should be removed from the front of the monastery.
A universal love A universal love
Presidential Campaign Slogans One of the major delights of the voting process in our democracy is the time, energy, and creativity spent on presidential campaign slogans. They're meant to energize and inform the public so that t…
Beyond Fireworks: Celebrating Our Interdependence When you reflect on your personal freedom you can't help but see the interdependence of life. We depend on people. Lots of people.
Can It Happen Here? An analysis of how elitism ruins democracy.
Nationalism can be as blind as love Nationalism can be as blind as love